Martello Tower, Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape

The Martello tower in Fort Beaufort is in an excellent state of preservation. It is one of only two in South Africa, the other being in Simonstown. It is unique in being the only one in the world constructed inland and not on the coast.
This tower was constructed around 1840, and apparently "never saw a shot fired in anger". The rumour that it was built in the wrong place is countered by some evidence there were plans to build another one in the near vicinity.
The neighbouring building used to be the Fort Beaufort Military Museum. which is now defunct. The building appears to be housing some local government office and everything is in good nick.
We arrived too late to ask for the key, so couldn't have a look inside. Next time.
Approximately 6' tall John Stevens occasionally wandering into field of view gives idea of size of tower.

Photos taken at about 17h00 with threatening overcast, so there are some contrast issues.

Defunct Ft Beaufort Military Museum building and grounds:

Clockwise tour of tower exterior:

Details of stonework, door, windows, etc:

Views of surrounding countryside from top of ladder and from base of tower: