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OES 11 Documentation
Who is Novell ®?
Who is Attachmate?
What is Novell ® Netware?
What is SUSE Linux?
What is Novell ® eDirectory?

Pcounter - A.N.D. Technologies
PaperCut - Print accounting and management

Check Novell ® product life-cycles

In-Place Upgrade NetWare to Open Enterprise Server (by Martin Weiss)

Novell, ja fine!
A confused South Africanism.
[Bonnevie, B.T. 1996]


After installing OES 11 SP 1 server and trying to configure HTTP with YaST, Apache ends up misconfigured.

With OES 2 and OES 11 there was a fix, TID 7002562.

This fix does not work with OES 11 SP 1. Whatever you do, DO NOT try to configure HTTP with YaST! Your system will break.

The World Wide Web became a publicly available service on the internet in August 1991. This is what the first web page looked like. I started my web pages in 1995, to provide help for fellow Novell administrators at Rhodes University. In July 1999 there were 20 Novell servers at Rhodes. Here is an upgrade and patch history of our central servers and directory service.

Novell ® products used at Rhodes University include Open Enterprise Server, eDirectory, ZENworks and iPrint.